Three things I’d like to see in Total War: Warhammer Two

The Fallen Gates

Up first we have… Better maps:

Maps have for the duration of Total War: Warhammer’s existence been an issue of some controversy.  Criticised for being bland, not utilising terrain and a lack of siege diversity they have been one of, if not the loudest community complaint. Game developers have reasonably countered that, explaining the simplicity of settlements and battle maps are to help produce a challenging AI. I think everyone can agree that the Custom Map tools being added to the game was a stroke of genius, both for longevity and creating stunning set pieces. It is easy to understand why not all settlements or maps are as beautiful as the custom ones produced for steam workshop. Time. The modders and content creators of the steam workshop have a lot more time to expend on single maps and the work shows, this kind of time however is not feasible for game developers to spend on singular instances, if they did games would be coming out several years apart and we all know how fan bases react to delays.

Having said this it would still be nice to see more map variation from both an aesthetic and tactical perspective. As someone who was a great fan of the Dwarves, artillery felt underwhelming. Most of my battles would be spent firing at wide and spread out lines, with no terrain to help protect my artillery or force my enemies into situations where it could be devastating.  Likewise with archers or when fighting outnumbered, the tactical options of your terrain were limited, so much so that if outnumbered your units would likely be quickly surrounded regardless of how they are positioned. I am glad to say that in the footage released with the Skaven campaign game-play hills and overhangs seem to have made it into standard territory battle maps, not only will this lead to a greater tactical element but also more replay-ability, as what units you bring to a battle could greatly influence where you would want to fight. Not only were the standard battle maps a lot better but certain siege maps seemed to be better made as well, with bridges forming choke points and bottlenecks inside settlements.

If you want to see some of this footage I would highly recommend that you check out either
Total Biscuits coverage, both on his main channel and the unofficial live streams channel.
Total Biscuits First impressions of TW:W2
Live stream of game-play footage
MilkandCookiesTW also had some great coverage of the Skaven campaign and the mechanics within.
MilkandCookiesTW Channel

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