What I would like to see Blizzard reveal at Gamescom 2017:

We’ve recently had a couple of announcements come from Blizzard on social media, the arrival of Kel’ thuzad in Heroes of the Storm and Dehaka coming to Starcraft’s co-op commanders mode. So what are we likely to see at Gamescom? There has been some speculation about a Warcraft Four announcement (There’s always hope.) but that doesn’t seem likely to drop anywhere that isn’t Blizzcon. So what else could they announce. A new Hearthstone expansion perhaps or more classes for Diablo Three?

Personally I would like to see them announce a follow-up to Nova Covert Ops; The Starcraft Two mini campaign.

Remember this?

The small expansion on the story and the return to campaign Gameplay was a welcome addition for SC2 campaign players and I think the game would benefit from another injection of story. With no real likelihood of a Starcraft 3 and the recently announced update for the Multiplayer it would seem like time Starcraft Two’s Single Player got some love.

When launched the Developers made it sound like Nova would be the first of many characters they would spotlight in mini campaigns. Maybe it simply didn’t make enough money to be feasible, but as someone who loves Starcraft Lore and story I am hopeful.

What do you think. Will they release announce a Mini-Campaign for Starcraft Two? If not what do you think they will bring to Gamescom. Let me know in the comments.

ShieldBro out.


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