Let’s talk about Monster Hunter World:

smithy image.png
The Smithy

The first thing to consider is that armour and weapons have different effects, for instance a weapon built out of the Tobi Kadachi, will have the Thunder effect. Certain enemies will be weak to Thunder, this will improve your chances of a swift and successful hunt and is true of all the weapons you will forge. This is very similar to armour as with monsters, certain armours are worse against some elements than others, if you are struggling with an Anjanath, armour that gives you fire resistances could give you the edge that you need. The in depth preparation has been a hallmark of the monster hunter series and sets the game apart, adding challenge variety and incentive to build different weapons and armours. While armour and weaponry is important, so is a hearty meal…

The Canteen

Eating in monster hunter serves a purpose, you don’t need to eat to survive, this isn’t that kind of game but eating will buff your character, need more defence when tackling a certain monster? Eat some fish prepared by either your handler or the Meowscular chef, need a little more damage, the Meat Platter is for you and so on and so forth. While set up can be a little time consuming to begin with, taking the time to make sure you are prepared can make the difference between a failed hunt and a successful one. This is a style of gameplay I think a lot of games could benefit from, rewarding preparation and providing plenty of challenge gives players a good sense of accomplishment and believe me, completing a hard hunt successfully can leave you exhilarated and tired as some monsters can take in the region of forty minutes continuous fighting (based on my solo experiences) to kill. Monster Hunter: World is a rewarding experience, you reap what you sow and that is no bad thing.

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