Semi-Finals Recap: EU LCS

Predicted to be a clash of styles hinging on a perceived Jungler mismatch our first Semi-Final was to be decided in the early game. Could Schalke Logo clean up their act and dispatch aVitalityteam on a late season upswing that had secured them second place in regular season? After a shaky quarter finals against Splyce in which Schalke Logo relied on their late game, the question was, could they survive Vitality and their formidable early game? Let’s find out in this weeks EU LCS Playoff recap.

Game One:

  • Schalke Logo Top: Maokai. Jungle: Skarner. Mid: Cassiopeia.  Bot: Ezreal. Support: Shen.
  • Vitality Top: Kled. Jungle: Trundle. Mid: Galio. Bot: Varus. Support: Poppy.

The draft lived up to expectation. Vitalitydrafting three winning lanes and a champion for Kikis that would allow him to pressure and counter jungle Amazing and Schalke Logo drafting scaling lanes and team fight. Deviating from the script however Amazing was able to keep up with Kikis in the early game with successful ganks of his own. After a hotly contested early game in which Kikis secured Rift Herald and Infernal Drake,  Vitality made a critical mistake. Whilst attempting to escort Rift Herald to the mid lane inner turret of Schalke Logo, Jactroll was caught out by Skarner sparking the decisive team fight. Cabochard’s Kled ult was blocked dragging him under mid turret where Upset and Vizicsacsi killed him easily. A few seconds later a flank from Nukeduck’s Cassio secured them two further kills onto Attila and Jactroll. From here it was an easy transition to Baron. Despite Vitality attempted smite steal, the Baron was secured by Amazing. From here with their scaling advantage and cleaner team-fighting it was only a formality for Schalke Logo to secure game one.

Game Two:

  • Schalke Logo  Top: Rumble Jungle: Skarner Mid: Irelia  Bot: Ezreal Support: Shen
  • Vitality  Top: Orrn Jungle: Trundle Mid: Taliyah Bot: Varus Support: Poppy

With Schalke Logo comfortably securing a one game lead the pressure was on for Vitality. Could Kikis return to his dominant form and lead Vitality to victory? Sadly for Kikis game two began with a failed four man tower dive bot-lane. With Nukeduck and Vizicsacsi securing early leads Schalke Logo steamrolled Vitality for a two game lead. Now on match point it was looking likely that Schalke Logo would clean sweep Vitality unless they could fix the poor team fighting and mid game shot calling that had plagued them in the first two games.

Game Three:

  • Schalke Logo  Top: Cho Gath Jungle: Poppy  Mid: Irelia  Bot: Kai’sa Support: Alistar
  • Vitality  Top: Sion  Jungle: Kindred Mid: Galio Bot: Draven  Support: Braum

With Schalke Logo on the verge of a clean sweep Vitality drafted for early game team-fights putting Attila on the Draven that they found success with at the end of the regular season. The game began with Kikis returning to form and pressuring Amazing early. With Skarner banned Amazing’s impact on Poppy was negligible resulting in a strong lead for Vitality. A twenty minute pick on Amazing gifted  Vitality the Baron and an nine thousand gold lead. From here Vitality cleanly secured bot and mid inhibitors as  Schalke Logo watched. Vitality then looked for the third and final inhibitor and crushed Schalke Logo in a team fight resulting in a Quadrakill for Attila. In a bid to secure the Pentakill Vitality ignored the open and damaged nexus and attempted the fountain dive. Despite failing to secure the Pentakill when Vitality respawned they closed the game out with ease for their first win of the series.

Game Four:

  • Schalke Logo  Top: Poppy  Jungle: Trundle  Mid: Leblanc Bot: Jhin Support: Alistar
  • Vitality  Top: Jarvan  Jungle: Graves  Mid: Galio  Bot: Draven Support: Braum

With Vitality securing a win it was important to see Schalke Logo respond positively bouncing against a reinvigorated VitalitySchalke Logo started by drafting Nukeduck Leblanc and putting Amazing on Trundle for early pressure. In this game Amazing successfully ganked top to shut down the Jarvan and secured early kills for Nukeduck and Upset. With a 9k gold lead and a Baron Schalke Logo seemed to have shaken off the sloppy play that had begun to creep into the game. When Vitality won a teamfight at their botlane inhibitor the comeback was on. Slowly but surely Vitality began to claw the lead back. When Amazing got caught and died in the river Schalke Logo fans began to sweat as Vitality eyed the Baron. The four man unit of Schalke Logo delayed the Baron long enough for Amazing to respawn and rush to the fight as Vitality committed to the play. Although Kikis secured the Baron the ensuing fight was disastrous for Vitality who were aced and had to watch as Schalke Logo locked their place for the organisations first ever EU-LCS Final.

Congratulations to Schalke Logo on their first finals. It seems that the Schalke Logo Hype Train has well and truly left the station, destination Madrid.

Post written by: Hugh Mccormick



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