EU LCS finals: Predictions

Earlier this year we saw fnaticdominate g2.png to reclaim their crown as the kings of the EU LCS,  now they stand poised to defend their trophy against Schalke Logo. But are we poised for another clean fnatic victory? I am predicting fnatic to win the series either 3-1 or 3-0, lets take a look at why.

Semi-Finals opposition

Despite Schalke Logo looking more controlled in their Semi-Finals win over Vitality it is safe to say that Vitality under-performed and crashed out of title contention. In games 1,2,4 the games were not close, Vitality  failed to execute on one dimensional compositions and floundered until Schalke Logo were able to finish the game. In game 3 when Vitalitywere able to execute their composition Schalke Logo were rolled over, putting up no resistance. In their quarter-finals series against SplyceSchalke Logo looked shaky. Though they then dominated Vitality in the Semi-Final for me the question remains, did Schalke Logo improve to that extent or did Vitality under-perform. I suspect it was the latter, as Vitality were lost if their one dimensional style failed to bear fruit.

fnatic are a different beast. They have proven consistently that they are able play from behind, turning early game deficits into decisive snowballs. This is roster dependent asfnatic is less macro focused when they play with Bwipo, often relying on raw mechanical skill to create and snowball advantages. This can lead to a scrappy style that Schalke Logo may be able to exploit but this is often reliant on Bwipo being played as fnatic have already used Soaz as a substitute in an attempt to bring consistency and a controlled style to the game.

Team Styles:

Often Schalke Logo and fnatic are similar in how they draft and play, giving strong picks such as Irelia to Nukeduck and Caps and playing around a strong scaling marksmen in the bot-lane. Here we look at individual players to step up and create advantages to give that small edge to their team.  I believe fnatic are favoured in this regard across the map: Caps is stronger than Nukeduck, Broxah is a stronger supportive jungler than Amazing and the top lane flexibility is a strength that  Schalke Logo do not possess.

This leaves the botlane: Upset and Vander vs Rekkles and Hylissang. These two bot-lanes are very different in approach, recently Rekkles has played safe, supportive marksmen to allow Hylissang to roam and create advantages. Schalke Logo and Vander are often heavily invested in protecting Upset to ensure he reaches the late game. This difference in map pressure that Hylissang provides will give fnatic an edge in the early game that Schalke Logo and indeed the EU LCS in it’s entirety have struggled to cope with.

Broxah and Amazing:

At the end of the Semi-finals deserved credit was given to Amazing for shutting down Kikis and Vitality early. However I do not expect him to have the same impact in the upcoming series against Broxah. As I argued above Kikis is one dimensional in his approach and when Amazing countered that Vitality were lost. This will not be the case for Broxah and fnatic. Broxah entered the league as an early game aggressive jungler on Elise and Lee Sin but in the last two years he has cemented himself as the backbone of fnatic. Where  Schalke Logo found success against Vitality with Amazing stepping up I expect that the junglers will be on supportive tanks, denying Schalke Logo the strong leads their scaling gained them in the Semi-Finals.


Upset has historically struggled with being nervous, even citing nerves as the reason for his initially poor play in the series against  Splyce. It stands to reason therefore that the star carry of Schalke Logo might struggle to begin with or in a game five scenario. In a big Arena, in a stadium full of fans with the weight of an organisation on his shoulders, can Upset stand up and be counted? I’m not sure. That is something that he will have to prove tomorrow. Perhaps the game five victory over Splyce will settle Upset’s nerves. With analysts predicting that Schalke Logo would need to win through the bottom lane due to the top side strength fnatic possess, the pressure is on.


To conclude my thoughts I want to say I am hoping for a good series tomorrow rather than a stomp but I suspect that with their veteran players, style and substitute, that the series is fnatic to win and Schalke Logo must hope for mistakes to Upset fnatic

fnatic 3- 1Schalke Logo

What are your predictions for the finals? Let me know in the comments below.


Written By Hugh Mccormick


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