Gauntlet summary:

So that’s it. fnatic,Vitality,g2 are Europe’s three hopes at the world Championship.

  • 1st seed: fnatic
  • 2nd seed: Vitality
  • 3rd seed: g2

For those that missed it, here is a brief summary of the EU LCS Regional Qualifier. (AKA The Gauntlet.)

splyce v misfits

A five game slugfest that hinged on misfits logosucceeding in the early game. Ultimately however they could not emerge victorious in every game and despite forcing Splyce up against the wall, misfits logowere unable to capitalise. Splyce advance to face g2off the back of Kobbe’s strong team-fighting.

G2 vs Splyce - Copy

Initially a close and competitive series in which Splyce held the advantage it was the return of mages in the bot lane that undid them. Hjarnan locked in Heimerdinger for g2 with Splyce on Match Point. The following two games were much cleaner and dominant from g2. A team effort rather than reliance on Perkz. Though the question was asked, could g2win without the utility of Hjarnan’s seemingly unstoppable Heimerdinger.

Schalke Vs G2

This series was a dominating win but not for the ‘favourites’ Schalke Logo. Despite a shaky series against Splyce, it felt like the whole of the g2line up came to play from the get go. Hjarnan and Wadid showed up in a way that they haven’t this season so far, allowing Jankos to snowball the early game around Perkz and Wunder. Strong lanes and early game junglers were the focus for g2as they cruised 3-1 into the World Championships, stopping Schalke Logo in their tracks.

All in all this Gauntlet was extremely entertaining to watch, highlighting the level of competition between Europe’s top LCS Teams in a Bo5 format. With the teams now locked, stay tuned for a break down of the teams EU is sending to worlds and coverage of the Worlds draw (Groups and Play-ins)

Thank you for reading. If you have any predictions for Europe’s chances at the World Championship, drop them in the comments below I’d love to hear from you.

Written by: Hugh McCormick

Author: Varda Yavanna

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