Diabolus: An early surprise in the EU Masters.


Tuning into the EU Masters for the first day of the Play Ins  2019 I wasn’t sure what to expect from Diabolus. Despite being the regular season champions of the UKLC, they had been clean swept by FNC Rising in the Play Off’s. I was therefore hopeful when they secured the first win against Mad Lion’s utilising the strength of Sona/Taric in the botlane. Despite the strong start, a one sided loss to SK Prime left me concerned that their early win was a fluke, rather than a sign of things to come.

On day two however my concerns were waved away by a strong win over Red Star and the utter destruction of Nyyrikki. Sitting with a 3-1 score, having demonstrated strength with multiple drafts and strategies, they look like a shoe in for the next stage. Before they can join FNC Rising, they must first secure their spot in the next round by defeating Devil’s 1 and Misfits Premier, the teams closest to them in the standings.

If they are to continue their winning ways, expect to see strong performances from Munckizz. Munckizz has displayed early game dominance both through successful ganks and early game solo kills. If if he can continue his rampage, Diabolus ought to make the main event with ease. If I were watching Diabolus from the main event, I’d be watching this team carefully as Diabolus seem determined to #GiveEmHell regardless of opponent. 

Are you cheering for anyone in the EU Masters Play ins? Let me know who and why in the comments section below.

Author: Varda Yavanna

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