Writing Update:

So those of you that follow what I post regularly will have noticed that I fell off the grid for a week or so. That’s because I’m in the process of moving house, managing a university assessment and working. I should build some more time in to create content but honestly haven’t felt able to. So given that I can’t sleep at 4am with a full day of moving furniture tomorrow I thought I’d give you all a quick update.

What am I writing at the moment, well two things.

  1. My dissertation
  2. My assessment
  3. See above ^

Whilst I enjoy my degree I find it difficult to focus on my own projects when all of my writing and reading time is taken up by assessment work. Assessment work can be fun, I often enjoy the challenge but it means that I have less time and will to work on my own private projects such as The Adventures of Georgia the Bearded (A fun, laid back and over the top comedy that I write mainly for stress relief) or continuing my science fiction stories. But complaining aside I have some fun projects I’m focusing on at the moment.

For the assessment I am writing a sit com. This is  my first attempt at writing a script and so far  I have to say that I am enjoying the process and finding it a great way to practice writing character. The dialogue heavy and description sparse style of most scripts means the words have to convey meaning and character clearly or risk misinterpretation or failing to engage your readers/audience. To get around the issue of creating characters from scratch I decided that I would follow in the footsteps of Rick Riordan; take the Greek gods, trap them in an apartment with their powers all but gone and see what followed.

So far its been a lot of fun trying to use a modern day context but incorporate the centuries of godly squabbling into my character dynamic. This has been successful giving my characters more tension off the bat because of the preconceptions or prior knowledge that my audience will approach my script with. Zeus and his promiscuous nature are well known, as is the fact that the Greek gods were a petty bunch: something that I have done my best do display.

The dissertation has been a little more difficult to write, I suspect because of the subject matter. My sit com is comedy, I get to write sly and barbed dialogue with the aim of making people laugh, invariably leading to me amusing myself. The dissertation as I mentioned in an earlier blog post is a fantasy incorporating modern political allegory. This means that the recent events in America involving the separation of children from their parents has warranted study and a place in the story, I’ve been doing some research into child soldiers. All in all heavy stuff that can make me feel a little scummy to write.

So yeah I’ve nearly completed my script barring final edits and I have got a good chunk of my dissertation written, hoping to get a good amount more down on paper over the weekend and coming week. So that’s it really, sorry for the waffly post but I thought I’d update you on comings and goings.

Have a great day


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