Rick Riordan’s: The Burning Maze

(Plot Spoilers included)


Rick Riordan’s books have been a staple of my reading since secondary school when I was introduced to The Lightning Thief. I have since picked up and read  every book he has published in that universe, The Burning Maze being no exception. Continue reading “Rick Riordan’s: The Burning Maze”

The Transition: Luke Kennard

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The Transition by Luke Kennard is clever, insightful and a real page turner. Continue reading “The Transition: Luke Kennard”

China Mieville’s The City in the City: My Impressions

Image result Continue reading “China Mieville’s The City in the City: My Impressions”

The Kingkiller Chronicle: Why you should be reading it.

This isn’t a review as I have no wish to spoil any part of the books for anyone else, they are also too large and complex for me to do them justice. Therefore this will take the form of a recommendation, I will talk a little about the content of each book and the way they are structured, along with my thoughts on how this was achieved. After that it’s up to you. Continue reading “The Kingkiller Chronicle: Why you should be reading it.”