Starcraft Two: The game that keeps on giving.

That Starcraft 2 is a dead game has been said several times with varying levels of accuracy. What has never changed is that the game has maintained a small but dedicated group of dedicated content producers and fans, seeing resurgences with every new expansion. Continue reading “Starcraft Two: The game that keeps on giving.”

Is the Starcraft Two E-sports scene dead?

Time for a study in game mythology:

The statement ‘Dead game’ in relation to Starcraft Two pops up quite often, usually to refer to the number of twitch viewers and actual players being low/decreased. But how accurate is that statement really, has the Starcraft Two scene ever ‘died’?  Continue reading “Is the Starcraft Two E-sports scene dead?”

What I would like to see Blizzard reveal at Gamescom 2017:

We’ve recently had a couple of announcements come from Blizzard on social media, the arrival of Kel’ thuzad in Heroes of the Storm and Dehaka coming to Starcraft’s co-op commanders mode. So what are we likely to see at Gamescom? Continue reading “What I would like to see Blizzard reveal at Gamescom 2017:”

Lets talk a little about Starcraft 2 and War Chests.


What is the StarCraft 2 war chest?

Although its been out for a while lets recap.

Continue reading “Lets talk a little about Starcraft 2 and War Chests.”