Let’s talk about Monster Hunter World:

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Monster Hunter World is a third person game, based as the title suggests around hunting monsters, from the terrifying to the bizarre, the ‘New world’ boasts a host of memorable fights and stunning vistas. So why should you pick up Monster Hunter: World over other games? To take you through this I am going to discuss a few core aspects of the game, (in a spoiler free manner) but it is important to note that having played around forty hours, I feel I have barely scratched the surface. TLDR: These are first impressions. Continue reading “Let’s talk about Monster Hunter World:”

The Kingkiller Chronicle: Why you should be reading it.

This isn’t a review as I have no wish to spoil any part of the books for anyone else, they are also too large and complex for me to do them justice. Therefore this will take the form of a recommendation, I will talk a little about the content of each book and the way they are structured, along with my thoughts on how this was achieved. After that it’s up to you. Continue reading “The Kingkiller Chronicle: Why you should be reading it.”

Mass Effect: Andromeda: Boldly going where no one… you know the rest.

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I feel that before I write this, I should state I’m a big fan of the Mass Effect Franchise. The Shepherd Trilogy has passed through my console more than once and I’ve enjoyed all of them. [Yes even three!] Continue reading “Mass Effect: Andromeda: Boldly going where no one… you know the rest.”

Is the Starcraft Two E-sports scene dead?

Time for a study in game mythology:

The statement ‘Dead game’ in relation to Starcraft Two pops up quite often, usually to refer to the number of twitch viewers and actual players being low/decreased. But how accurate is that statement really, has the Starcraft Two scene ever ‘died’?  Continue reading “Is the Starcraft Two E-sports scene dead?”