Writing Update:First drafts

I’ve just completed my first draft for my dissertation with a little over a month to go to the deadline. I’ll be honest, I’m more excited about the project now than when I sat down to write it. Usually I don’t have this problem with my creative projects; I sit down hammer out whatever it is that is in my head and then when the novel or short story is finished I run away from it until it’s time to edit.

I started this project eight times before I found a version I was happy with, the rest of it coming in one or two takes. Now it’s done however I can begin the laborious process of turning it into a worthy submission. I’m going to leave it be for a day or two and more thoroughly prepare my research for use in the critical commentary by jotting down quotes and referencing the books they come from. I will also be preparing a detailed outline for the critical commentary so I don’t go in blind. While I wont have a draft of this done for another week or so, the commentary should be ready for redrafting and tweaking itself.

To round out this post I thought I’d talk about my editing process. It normally goes something like this.

  • Read draft.
  • Re-outline the piece; are there any scenes that need rewriting to improve.
  • Make notes on Character, Setting and how to improve them.
  • Rewrite any scenes that I feel are too week to keep.
  • Tweak the other scenes.

When all that has been done, I normally throw it my trusted group of readers so that they can butcher it, in its revised state.  Then its a matter of rinse repeat until it is time to go through and format/do an extremely thorough grammar check. (I normally don’t worry too much about this until the end because I tend to edit via rewriting.)

So that’s where I’m at for any of you who read previous posts and were wondering. Sorry for the delay on the post, I’ve been moving house and have only recently regained the use of the internet and a livable environment.


Writing Update:


Hugh here with a quick update as to the projects I am currently working on. I’ve got two major projects on the boil at the moment, both of them assessments for my MA one of which I am a little less certain of than the other.

My dissertation project, which I’ll talk about first is fairly simple in premise; take the High Fantasy genre that I love and adore, and update it using allegory. To do this I am taking recent events, tragedies and disasters, studying them and the effects that they had and implementing a version of this in my novel.  (Sadly the world is throwing me a number options but more on that later.) For example Grenfell tower will become a slum wide fire reflecting the poverty of the area and the responses to this will be based on arguments made by politicians, landlords and survivors of the Grenfell tower fire. Obviously it wont be word for word but a general gist or sentiment will hopefully be distilled should I be successful. For this I am completely revamping an old universe to the point of non recognition, the only thing it has in common is names at this point, will likely post some draft work when I have something I would consider half way decent to show.

The second project is for a module assessment and for this I was hoping to do a false biography focusing on different experiences of Troy or the Trojan war growing up. Taking the reader through from cartoon books to studying the Iliad for an A Level in classical civilisation. I’m still not 100% sure how I’m going to approach this, or whether or not this will be the final idea. Right now I’m leaning towards having a narrator introduce the different experiences interspersed with bits of prose and biographical style writing, but we shall see how that goes.

Outside of these two project the main form of writing I am doing is the blog, I’m trying to get at least two posts up a week at present, maybe more depending on how much of a backlog I’ve built up at any one given time.

So that’s me, what about you? Are you writing anything? Let me know in the comments section below.

Take it easy guys!
Over and out.